Reviews of my work...and me.


"Bob is awesome. Rarely do you get a chance to work with a person who is talented, works hard and is great at what they do. One of the (if not THE) top 3D animators on the east coast, I constantly live in fear that Bob might move to California!"
Nicholas Panagopulas CEO -BrainBox Enterprises, Inc.

“Bob is a creative genius who animated things in ways I couldn't even imagine.”
Tom Kramer, - Director, Curb Your Enthusiasm

“Bob is an extremely talented and skilled animator whose standout designs add an extra element to any project. I've worked with Bob on multiple projects and the depth and level of his work continues to impress me.”
Marissa Ronca - Director of Development at Court TV

“Bob's creativity and understanding of design principles makes him an excellent addition to any production team.”
Ron Simon Producer/Director/Writer - Off Leash Entertainment, LLC

“I worked directly with Bob on HGTV's long standing series Small Space Big Style. I was amazed at Bob's ability to recreate 3D floor layouts without any sort of diagram or floor plan. He would typically come in for about a half hour, look through the footage with me and take some notes. A little while later he would have complete 3D models made! It was great to work with him, very laid back and easy to get along with. I just call him "3D Bob".” 
Dave Gorrie – Owner/Creative, Fogomotion

“Bob is great at taking whatever 3D element you asked for and turning it around in a short period of time. His animations are spot on.”
Jeffrey Foot – Founder/Editor – Fogomotion

“In a crunch bob was able to take what we had on our plate and save the day within a very small budget and time frame. Bob really came through for us and our client couldn't be happier.”
Steve Yasin – Owner - Flux71

“Bob is an immense talent who not only really, really, really knows his stuff, but also is very easy to work with and a lot of fun to be around. He's the kind of person with the kind of ability that you find yourself LOOKING for things you can do with him.” 
Woody Hinkle - Owner - Nasuti & Hinkle - Creative Thinking

“I would highly recommend Bob Howard for any computer graphic / editing application. It has been my pleasure to work with Bob for many projects over many years. Bob has always taken an extremely creative approach to the projects I have engaged him on. His very thorough, detail oriented focus to the project always results in Bob exceeding my expectations for the final product. Bob always hits the home run.”
Chip Nusbaum  -  President – see spots run LLC

“Bob is a talented designer and animator. We worked together on a few projects at Brainbox over the past couple years. He is great to collaborate with and his work always exhibits his creativity and attention to detail.”
Richard Winkler – Editor - Freelance